Fully automates and greatly simplify professional prototyping for your business
Materials are growing, techniques are expanding
Open this potential with SmartZavod

Why Us

With SZ Without SZ
Full access anytime from anywhere
Fully automated 3D-printer
Continues printing
Up to x30 materials
6 different toolheads
A lot of equipment for different proposes
Equipment Downtime
Lack of knowledge
Labor time & costs
Unit costs
Waiting time
Use the variety of techniques and materials without stack of different equipment Overcome knowledge gap on the way to professional printing easily It takes days not weeks as in agencies to create a new prototype Switch between tasks without any manual effort and complicated settings No more equipment downtime Don't spend time, money and space on equipment service and storing
Replace the entire lab
with one machine or your browser
For businesses that print every day
SmartZavod CEH #1 Buy it and save up to x2.5 on investment in equipment and physical space
Fully automated hybrid machine tool that can be controlled completely remotely and requires no human effort for service and control Replace 4 printers and 1 CNC machine

6 tools and 30 materials for professional printing

Multi-material printing

Finishing capabilities with CNC

Continues printing
For startups and small businesses
SmartZavod WepPlatform Remotely rent a 3D Printer - get prototypes x3 faster than with agencies
Full access to professional printing anytime from anywhere through several cameras and user-friendly web-interface Upload your model and start to use equipment without buying it or wasting time in agencies

Control all operations remotely (material/ tool/nozzle change, part removing, bed cleaning)

Build-in assistant and slicer that helps to choose the best tool, material, and printing settings based on your initial requirements
For labs, universities
Printer "Airbnb" model Join and earn with us
Return on investments
in 1 year
Use SmartZavod CEH#1 for prototyping in-house. When the printer is not in use, just click "free for rent" and the printer will be rented out through WebPlatform. The renting fee will be returned to you. No equipment downtime

Special conditions for universities. "Share" printer with students for amazing projects


World's first free test drive
Get real experience through WebPlatform
Get remote access to the printer control board
Real-time images from several general view cameras and a macro camera on the printing unit
Play with tool changer, automatic part removing systems
Start printing with any materials and tools
Let's test it


Сooperation with Einstein1 and
Startuplab Hof
- first funding win in KICKSTART INKUBATOR
YEP Incubation
Start of WebPlatform creation
7 people in a team
50 registrations for a test drive
First prototype
25,000$ funding from USF
Participation in IT Arena - TOP30 Ukrainian Tech startups 2021
Participation in BayStartup Competition and DemoNight 2021 in Munich.




Hi, I'm Oleksii Solntsev M.Sc., M.Eng. CEO
Hi, I'm Anton Yakhno M.Sc. CTO
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