Full automated, multifunctional solutions for your business
1st solution
Fully automated multi 3D printer
No more need to change the tool, nozzle, hotend or filament manually, reconfigure the 3D printer or purchase additional equipment.
Be multifunctional with Smart Zavod - USE the variety of best solutions without compromises and manual work.

Automatic Multi-Tool change with magnetic platform in combination with the most effective and innovative tools allow to use all possibilities of 3D printing without compromises and wasting time and human effort on reconfiguration.

With one button you can switch e.g. between 0,2mm sapphire nozzle on Dragon hotend for adhesive filaments and small precise parts, to 1,2mm E3D Super Volcano hotend to print big parts extra fast. Great opportunity for multi-material printing also.

No more need to wait for the end of the printing. Put small batch printing and go to bed.
With a flexible PEI coated spring steel sheet hotbed, our special removing mechanism, you can print continuously, without the need to manually "peel" the part from the table, and spend time for preparing next print.

The most fast & precise solutions on the market.
Parallel kinematics in combination with pyramid configuration and linear modules will allow to achieve the highest printing speeds without loss of quality.

Modularity and future expansions.
We are working on possibilities expansions. The modularity of our solutions accompanies this. Adding Subtractive tools, automatic support separation and heat chamber for engineering filaments. Coming soon.

test drive
We know how important for you to get real experience before invest in new equipment.

Therefore, we are launching the first online test drive platform for our fully automated 3D printer.
Get full access
to printer control board
You can play with tool change,
automatic part removing systems
You get real-time image from
several general view cameras and
a macro camera on the printing unit
You can start printing
with any materials and tools
Simplified control, for those who enter the world of 3D printing for the first time. By following the advices on the platform, you will become an expert on our hardware.
our vision
Combination of automated 3D printing and cold casting for small scale manufacturing
What our customer will get
Casted parts – great performance:
high strength & durability
Several times faster
as classic 3D Printing
Low mold cost comparing to injection molding → low risk
Great materials choice for all purposes
Automated cycle
Mold release
Cast release
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